New Portuguese robot ensures UV-C disinfection of spaces by using state-of-the-art autonomous technology

Zhello fights viruses, bacteria and other micro-organisms with unique innovations that increases safety and reduces costs

A Iberlim, líder de mercado na área das limpezas profissionais e sustentabilidade, em parceria com a JPM Industry, player mundial no mercado da intralogística, desenvolveu uma solução robótica autónoma e inteligente com caIberlim, a market leader in the area of professional cleaning and sustainability, in partnership with JPM Industry, a world player in the intralogistics market, has developed an autonomous and intelligent robotic solution, capable of operating several disinfection towers using ultraviolet C (UV-C) rays. Simple to implement, functional, automatic and integrated, Zhello is a technology that helps fight infectious diseases caused by bacteria, viruses – including SARS-COV-2 – and other microorganisms, with up to 99.99% effectiveness, the technology promises to promote the well-being of everyone, including users, workers in the disinfected spaces and those who visit the facilities. This Portuguese robot’s, whose development included the specialised technical consultancy of INESC TEC – Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (Porto), and is equipped with towable surface disinfection units. Through this unique innovation, it is possible to reduce costs, since several towable units can be attached to just one device.

“Sendo uma solução robótica com elevada autonomia e portabilidade, pode ser operada em horários que não colidam “Being a robotic solution with high autonomy and portability, Zhello can be operated at times that do not clash with the normal facilities operation and also allows its transportation between various buildings. It is easy and intuitive to program the robot operation and the disinfection towers, i.e., it can be operated by anyone, without the need for technical training, through an application installed on a simple tablet”, explains Iberlim’s director, Nuno Albernaz.

Through this partnership with JPM, Iberlim is committed to the internationalization of Zhello.

About IBERLIM – Higiene e Sustentabilidade Ambiental, S.A.

Iberlim is a company specialising in cleaning, disinfection and pest control services, based on a strong technological component, ensuring the implementation of effective, profitable and safe solutions.

Iberlim’s concern for environmental sustainability is present in all its activities – in environmental protection, pollution prevention and the promotion and restoration of biodiversity through the reduction of the environmental impacts of its activities.

Iberlim is a national market leader and has over 6500 employees, serving some of the most diverse areas and sectors of business, from the restaurants, to commerce, or aviation to health, guaranteeing excellent service, even in the most demanding and technically specific areas.

About JPM – Automação e Equipamentos Industriais, S.A.

JPM is a global player in the intralogistics market, operating in over 40 countries, with a highly qualified multidisciplinary team driven to the success of customers in creating the future of intralogistics. Today the company operates in several areas: such as the development and production of conveyors and industrial equipment, automation and robotics solutions, software development and turnkey project delivery.